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Вторник, 25.06.2019
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Western Montana http://yadi.sk/d/YLj7FGbBLrAF5

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Western_Montana  see


Eastern Montana  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eastern_Montana

Cities in eastern Montana


Missoula http://yadi.sk/d/32Z3rNuxLrAfw

Granite Peak (Park County), flower Bitterroot, bird Western Meadowlark, tree Ponderosa pine http://www.visitmt.com http://www.trawel.state.mt.us   Elkhorn, an abandoned mining town
Prairieregions Antelope, Lame Deer, Trout creecs. Levis and Clark crossed region in 1805. 25 major dams. For vositing - Chamber of commerce

Browning – a capital of the Blackfeet nation, Museum of Montana wildlife and Hall of Bronze, Museum of the Plains Indians, jnc US2 and 89, 13mi from Glacier NP,  east Glacier area, Glacier NP  park is the living book in geology, in Canada -Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. 50 glacies, 200 lakes, 1400 varieties of plants, 63 species of animals,272 varieties of birds, Continental Divide on the Going to the Sun Road 50 mi long between Avalanche and Sun point, Logan pass (a visitor center),, connects  with Us89 at St.Mary (visitor center), US2 at Wesr Glacier. East side -US89 Blackfeet Hw, extending from Browning to Canada, the road to the many Glacier Valley from us 89, 9ni n from St.Mary. The road to the Two Medicine lake leaves MT49 4 mi n of east Glacier Park. Chif Mt.International Hw MT17 leads to Waterton Lakes NP in Canada. Avalanche Creek, Avalanche Lake Basin, falls, 2 mi trail; Belly River Country, Cut BankTripple Divide Peak, Flatttop Mountain between the Lewis Range and the Livingston Range, Granite Park (mass of lava), Lake McDonald, Many Glacial area, Morning eagle falls, Craker lake, Grinnel glacier and lake, Iceberg lake, Swiftcurrent and Josefine Lakes to Appekunny falls and cirque. Red Eagle lake with dramatic falls and gorgeRiver rifting, middle and north fork of the Flathead river, St.Mary Laske, Sperry and Grinnel Glaciels, Two Medicine Valley
Bigfork Bigfork  Flathead NF, Bigfork Art and Cultural Center, Flathead lake Biological Station, Univ of Montana (museum, nature trip - MT35, milepost 17  1/2, midway between Bog Fork and Polson), Flathead Lake SP, Wayfarers Unit (off MT35), Swan Lake
Columbia Falls       Columbia Falls  a gateway in Glacial NP, Visitor Bureau (15 Depot Park Kalispell) and north fork of the Flathead river, Hungry Horse News, Big sky water slide, Glacier Maze, Hungry Horse Dam and Power Plant, Flathead NF, Kalispell, , Meadow Lake, http://greatnorthernlcc.org/features/climate-change-aquatic-ecosystems    ,

Dillon  Dillon  named after a president of the Union Pacific Railroad, Dillon is a ranching community.Bannack sp, (first capital, now gost town). Created  by big gold strike on Grasshopper creek 1862, Beaverhead county museum, Beaverhead NF, hot springsrugged mountains.
 Big Hole National Batterfield, Bear's Paw Battleground, Nez Perce National Historic Park System(16mi s on MT Secondary 240), Blaine County Museum     Big Hole National Batterfield   Big Hole National Batterfield   Gallatin CountyBig Sky, River trip Gallatin and Madison rivers,  Big Timber, Big Timber, the Yellowstone and Boulder rivers, settled in 1911, natural bridges and falls approximately 25 s of town, Gallatin NF, Palisade Falls, Gallatin National Forest,
the Bear Tooth Mountains, Granite Peak,  Bozeman, Bozeman, Bozeman, John M.Bozeman, Bridger Bowl Sky area, Gallatin NF, Madison river canyon earthquake area, Museum of the Rockies (Pioneer, Native American exhibits, planetarium),  Absaroka-Beartooth wilderness,  Lee Metcalf Wilderness, Gallatin gateway to Yellowstone, Livingston

Anaconda.Anaconda. Founded 1883.Marcus Daly, a cupper king. Anaconda’s Old Works, Big Hole basin, Big hole national battle field, Copper village museum and arts center, Georgetown lake,Ghost town and Sapphire mines near Georgtown Lake on Pintler Scenic Rd (MT1), visitor center,Lost Creek SP and falls on limestone, (1.5 mi e on MT1, than 2 mi n on MT273, then 6 mi w on unnumbered rd 306E.Park st –visitor center, Butte-Anaconda National Historic Landmark District      Butte,           bike tour                             The Berkeley Pithttp://www.atlasobscura.com/places/berkeley-pit     Berkeley Pit   Deer Lodge, Gold discovery at Gold Creek, Gold camps, old mining camps, Frontier Montana (museum Houses), Grand-Kohrs Ranch National Historic site, Montana Territory Prison from 1871-1979, built in 1893, Powell County Museum, Towe Ford Museum, Yesterday Playthings                     www.butteinfo org copper, gold, silver mines, mining town, Copper King Mansion (219 West Granite St) built in 1888 by William Clark, the world richest man,Victorian style,, Mother Lode Theater (316 West Park St), , Mai Wah (17 West Mercury) – museum about Chinese minings,old Chinatown, Deerlodge NF, Anaconda-Pintler wilderness, alpine lakes,,Arts Chateau (1898), Berkeley Pit –cooper mine,Dumas Brothel Museum, Mineral Museum, World Museum of Mining and 1899 Mining Camp

Chinook, Bear,s Paw Battleground-final battle of Chief Joseph and Nez Perce in native Americans war 1877. Blaine County Museum.
Billings  Billings  Custer Nf, Boothill Cemetery, Chiff BlackOtter trail, Geyser Park, Moss Mansion, architect in 1901, Peter Yegen Jr-Yellowstone County Museum, Pictograph Cave SP (4500 years ago (I-90, at Lockwood exit6 mi s on county road), Range rider of the Yellowstone (posed by the William S.Hart, early silence film cowboy star), Western Heritage Center, western heritage center, Yellowstone valley, Yellowstone art museum,
Cooke City         Cooke City  Golden ruch era,  Glasshopper Glacier (Glasshoppers frozen) 14 mi NE on mountain trail in the Absaroka-Beartooth wilderness
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